15 Tips – How To Lose Your Weight

Want to lose weight? Of course, you should. Why won't you have all the fun and be as agile as others are? Did you think it's tough to do so? These tips will change your feelings.

Due to our fast lifestyle and heavy work pressure, we get little time to focus on a major problem in today’s world which is obesity. One of the major problems faced by many individuals today, is weight gain.

We hardly have any exercise at all in the course of the day. We are not talking about having a perfect hour glass figure, what we want to focus on is about possessing a healthy and fit bode ensuring a disease free life. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled 15 important areas where one needs to focus on to keep a check on their weight gain.

Following tips have been short listed for keeping your body healthy and fit:

  1. Have plenty of water – Try to have at least 3 litres of water a day.
  2. Avoid alcohol and soft drinks – Stay away from alcoholic and sweetened bottle drinks.
  3. Fresh fruits – Fresh fruits are better than processed fruits and even from drinking fruit juice.
  4. Increase vegetable intake – The quantity of vegetables and fiber in the diet should be increased. Raw vegetables can also be taken after properly washing them.
  5. Strict diet timings – One should be very much strict about the timings of his diet.
  6. Avoid snacks – One should eat only when he feels hungry and avoid snacks in between meals.
  7. Reduce tea/coffee – Reduce intake of tea and coffee. If difficult, stick to black tea or coffee.
  8. Burn extra calories – Count the amount of calories taken in. Make sure to burn out any extra calories by the weekend.
  9. Outdoor games – Play some outdoor games.
  10. Variety of foods – Have a variety of foods from all food groups every day.
  11. Diet composition – The diet should contain 50-55% carbohydrates, 25-30% proteins and only 15-20% fats.
  12. Avoid crash diets – Crash diets and junk foods should be avoided.
  13. White meat is better than the red ones – Avoid intake of red meat because it has high fat and cholesterol content. Stick to white meat instead.
  14. Change from table butter to cholesterol free butter – Avoid taking table butter. Change over to cholesterol free butter instead.
  15. Regular cycling helps – Use a banister rail or a balustrade that will support you, sit on it and pump your legs as if you are riding a bicycle.