15 Tips To Beautifully Transform Your Skin

tips for healthier skinWho on earth would not like to get a beautiful & healthy skin? The quest for youth and beauty has been on for ages. Though one can't stop ageing, a little bit of timely care can definitely slow down the process.

Here we are to help fulfill your cherished wish of beautifully transforming your skin via 15 special tips:

1.      Verify your skin type and act accordingly: Your skin may be dry, oily, normal or sensitive. Check out first what kind of skin you have and care for it accordingly. While dry skins will require more moisturizing and nourishing oily skins will be requiring more cleansing and toning. Again, sensitive skin needs to be treated with extra care. Keep such skin covered with some protective base while going outdoors exposing skin to the elements.

2.      Allow your skin to ‘breathe’: You need to cleanse your skin at least twice daily. Clean your skin of dirt, grime, excess oil and other impurities by making use of a mild cleanser. Specialized deep cleansers that open up the blocked pores while being gentle on skin are to be used. This will allow your skin to ‘breathe’.

3.      ‘Hydrate’ your skin: Moisturizing is an important aspect of skin care. After cleansing apply a good quality moisturizer. Herbal moisturizers are especially good for the purpose. Aloe Vera and honey are regarded as effective natural moisturizers. This will keep your skin soft and supple and will help prevent the formation of wrinkles.

4.      Tone up your skin: Make use of an astringent formulation (skin toner) to make the skin compact and firm. Regular usage of toner will help erase fine lines developing on skin and help eradicate acne, blackheads and wrinkles.

5.      Nourish your skin: Your skin too needs nourishment just like your body. While the intake of a balanced diet supplies the necessary nutrition to your body the application of vitamin and nutrient rich skin creams, packs etc. help provide the skin with a balanced nutrition. Nourishing makes your skin healthy, youthful and glowing.

6.      Exfoliate your skin: You should regularly exfoliate your skin i.e. get rid of dead skin cells and impurities making use of scrubbers. Use a pumice stone or some other scrubber to exfoliate your skin. This will make it look and feel fresh.

7.      Take care while going out in the sun: Remember that the sun is one of the greatest enemies of your skin. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can wreak havoc on your skin causing it to get tanned and become aged beforehand. The harmful UV rays may even cause skin cancer. So, take care to carry an umbrella and wear sunglasses while out in the sun. You need also put on a sunscreen lotion/cream to keep skin protected from the sun’s rays.

8.      Check out the SPF of sunscreen used:  An important consideration while using sunscreens is checking out its SPF or Sun Protection Factor. This indicates the time for which the sunscreen used by you will be offering protection. A sunscreen with SPF 10 will be offering protection for up to 2 hours. After this it needs to be reapplied.

9.      Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of water, fiber and nutrients. Apart from providing nutrients in their natural form they also provide the roughage in diet necessary for keeping the system (colon) clear. A healthy body implies a healthy skin.

10.  Drink water aplenty: Take in much water to keep your body solvent and wash out toxins from the system. With hydration of your body your skin too will stay hydrated.

11.  Exercise regularly: Carry out exercises on a regular basis if you wish to keep fit in mind, body and skin. Exercises help improve blood circulation to the skin thus supplying it with nutrients and ridding it of toxic wastes.

12.  Take adequate rest and sleep: Take adequate rest after work and exercise. Restoring the body to tranquility after stress is important. Sleep or intensive rest of some seven hours or so is also necessary for your body and skin to soundly relax, regenerate and rejuvenate.

13.  Avoid fizzy drinks: Always stay clear from the fizzy drinks. These are taxing on the digestive system and hence bad for skin too.

14.  Steer clear from junk food: Howsoever busy your lifestyle may be you need to abstain yourself from consuming junk food at the various fast food joints commonly found around nowadays. These carbohydrate and fat rich foods that are high in calories do little to meet your nutrient requirement while promoting the formation of toxins and fats in the body.

15.  Increase intake of alkali-inducing foods: Your digestive system and your skin are closely related to each other. Increase in the intake of food that induces alkali production in system promotes the health of the colon as also that of the skin. So, do away with the dairy products, meats and alcohol and welcome fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods that induce acid formation in body and disturb the crucial acid-alkali balance of your system leads to development/aggravation of acne conditions on skin.

Your skin acts like a mirror of your physical and mental health. Your internal health condition is reflected via your skin. So, getting a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin can convey much more to onlookers than mere skin-deep beauty.

Extend only a bit of efforts on your part and secure the beautiful transformation of your skin. And we bet you can do that by following our suggestions.