15 Tips To Market Sunglassses Online

online selling sunglasses imageMarketing sunglasses on the Internet is a very lucrative idea as you can access a large number of users who are trying to find out a good vendor online. However to be successful, you have to try many ways to market the sunglasses online and we have covered a few here:

1. Market Research: Studying the online sunglasses is vital before you start promoting. Try to find out what works. You should also look at the Adwords ads so that you can find out what hooks people are using in their advertising. Similarly see which idea of yours is not being used and then you may have a good opportunity to test.

2. Search engine friendly site: Your online store or lead generation website has to be search engine friendly so that you can get some visitors when people search on the Internet for your products. A smart idea is to focus on long tail terms (more detailed like wholesale reading glasses) initially before targeting the shorter terms (like sunglasses or wholesale sunglasses).

3. Online Promotion: If you have a website for selling your sunglasses, it is important that you promote your website very well. Top brands pay a lot of attention to the style and overall appearance of their website. Looking professional to the customer is a great way to increase the response rate.

4. Test removing the price button: If your site does not have online sales but only works as a lead generation site, you may test removing the price. You can also test revealing the price only after you have made your case – meaning you have had a chance to talk about the specialty of your product range.

5. Include a call to action in your ads. Don't just tell great things and hope for the visitor to do the rest. Tell them specifically to click over to your website and get advantage of the limited time offer or special prices.

6. Free gifts, discount schemes, coupons or bonus etc must be highlighted in the web site. This will again help you to get better response to your offers.

7. Use videos: Videos have become very important tool to attract and keep the customers on the site. Short, professional videos showing the product range or a celebrity using them can really hook the prospects.

8. Newsletters: Regularly publishing of email newsletter (Aweber is a good service provider) is probably the top way to promote your products and services online. It is also one of the easiest methods to build your reputation as well as increase referrals. You can repeatedly send your offers to the subscribers and who knows, they may see it just when they want a product that you sell.

9. Social marketing: A large number of people are on the social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc exchanging notes about their personal activities. They are relatively relaxed at this time and when they see your name at these places, they get a feeling of "I have heard of them" increasing the brand awareness and familiarity. This will again improve the response when they land up on your web site somehow.

10. Articles: You can also write some quality, relevant and interesting articles and then post them to online magazines or article directories. Articles must be entertaining & enjoyable to create a good impression on the prospective customers.

11. Where do your customers flock? Go to your customers. Most bloggers complain about not being able to bring visitors to their site but what about going to the places where visitors are easily available? Youtube videos, facebook fan pages and branded tweeter accounts are fast methods for catching the attention of people who can be your potential customers.

12. Arrange for multiple ways to pay you: You should accept payment for your goods in multiple modes. While credit cards are the most popular norm, your sales can increase wildly if you accept payments through PayPal also. Explore other ways to pay you as suitable based on your and your customers' country.

13. Run an affiliate marketing program: One of the easiest ways to make more sales is the affiliate program. Let others do the marketing and promotion while you pay a commission on actual sales made. With an affiliate marketing program, you can have an army of web publishers place your advertising link on their website and in return you pay them only if the click generate sales or lead. However you will need to create good banners and other sale support systems for your affiliates so that they can do well (making you do well as well).

14. Banner advertisement: This is one of the fastest ways to market goods online. Banner advertisement is an electronic sign that can be incorporated with many websites. While some may tell you otherwise, well-designed banners still do quite well with a fairly low cost. However you have to pay on per impression basis and not on per action basis.

15. Actively ask for reviews, testimonials and feedback. These are among the important parts of getting the trust of your customers and potential customers as more and more people are worried about dealing with online purchases nowadays. This method will also help your readers and online audience to know if the product is good based on the experiences of others.

Hope this helps you in getting good sales for your business!