15 Tips for Planning Weddings Better

wedding planning tips floral board imageMarriages are said to have been made in heaven. But, arranging a good ceremony down here is one big task. It is the 'the most important party of life' for most people.

Yet, unless you are getting married in a court and rushing off to honeymoon right after, chances are you would end up running around till the end (and even after that).

Don't let that stress get to you! Following are 15 simple tips which could simplify your preparation a bit :

1. Talk to someone experienced

Many people in your family must have arranged weddings. You can talk to them about the problems they faced and the solutions they applied. Their experience will be come to be very handy for you.

2. Have a fixed budget & some leeway

Fix your budget and take a vow not to sway very far away from it. It is advisable to have a leeway and be flexible about it. But make sure you know the extent to which you can expand your expenses.

3. Don't make assumptions

You may know your fiance very well but also talk to him / her about the expectation of his / her family from your side. Every family has quirky members. And they love to throw a fit at weddings. You should be prepared for the same.

4. Request your guests to RSVP

Make a guest list before doing anything else. This will give you a fair idea of what lies ahead. And, request your guests to RSVP. It is understandable that 'RSVP' has never been a part of Indian culture. But it never hurts to ask.

5. Hire a professional

If you have a job which does not allow you much time to prepare for your wedding, hire a professional wedding planner. Their experience will keep you stress free. They know the best vendors to hire and the most reasonable places to shop. And they also know how to handle wedding pressure!

6. Communicate clearly

Improper communication can lead to embarrassing situations. Try to keep distinct point of contacts and provide clear line of instructions for all different departments. Keeping a log of everything may sound like a tedious job but it really helps when you need to refer back to things.

7. Finish shopping in time 

Try to finish all shopping & packing at least 2 weeks before the wedding. Last minute shopping is very troublesome. You can also make a tentative list of things which you may need to buy at the last moment. Keep a providence in the budget for the same.

8. Shopping etiquette

Shop on weekdays if you can. There will be less rush and more time. Leave kids behind unless you are shopping for them. They tend to slow down the process considerably.

Lastly, choose your shopping partner wisely. They should keep your budget in check and know what looks good on you.

9. Create a timetable and stick to it 

Make a timetable for all your tasks. You can also arrange them according to your priorities. For e.g. tailoring and alterations take time. Sometimes you need to go for refits & dry cleaning as well. This practice will help you avoid confusions on the D-day.

10. Don't delay your bookings

There is a high probability that the good venues may get taken at the earliest as the wedding season approaches. Sometimes as early as a year. The first thing you should do is freeze the venue according to your guest list.

Hotels often have wedding season discounts. Find out about their offers to make the best of it.

11. Account for the season

If you are going to have a monsoon wedding, book indoor places. Arrange for your guests to arrive & leave in dry conditions. Avoiding booking in areas that get flooded during rains. Also make provisions for extra umbrellas to escort the guests from their cars to the gates (if needed) and back.

If it's a summer wedding,  makes sure you have extra generators at the venue. Also ensure if all air conditioners are in good working condition. Avoid open air weddings if you are having the ceremony in a humid city.

12. Be good to your vendors

Pay them their dues in time. If they are happy with you they may give you amazing leads for other cost effective services by vendors known to them. A caterer may know a fantastic decorator and so on. Being in their good books pays. You will surely get quality service.

13. Avoid wastage of food

It is a fad to serve many cuisines and many dishes. This results in a lot of wastage. Take your caterer's opinion on this matter. They have a pretty good idea about which dishes do well and which dishes get wasted most. This will help you save money and serve good food.

14. Divide your work among guests 

You know your relatives well. Distribute work among them according to their abilities. The best way to do so would be to sit them down and ask who is comfortable doing what.

15. Use a wedding planning software 

A software can help you manage your guests list, invitations, budgets and much more. It is a much smarter way than notes in a diary to ensure efficiency. Check out weddingplanning.in to know more.

Go have a wonderful wedding!



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