15 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

tips-for-motivating-employees-imageMoney may be a great motivating factor. But research says and experience confirms that it is not the only one. In fact, after a point in time, it ceases to be the sole motivator for many people.

How do you then keep them motivated? You may have done everything in your ability to make them feel at home. But if they do not feel a sense of belonging, it would be very difficult to keep them motivated. The following are a few things you could try:

  1. Decorate your office space: A well designed, spacious place makes people feel good. Give your employees the liberty to decorate their desks with things they like. You can also have swanky furniture like bean bags, inspirational posters on the walls, plants and much more. 
  2. Give them mentorship: Help them manage their career. Talk to them about where they are and how you can help them improve. See if you can aid them in acquiring more skills. This one-on-one mentoring exercise will also make your relationship with the employees more friendly.
  3. Public Recognition: This one is kind of obvious. During team meetings, recognize their work. Applaud them and request others to clap for them too. Knowing that one's achievements are valued is a big motivating factor. Be generous with your praise. It can do wonders to their performance.
  4. Build a Team: Give them the feeling that they are a team. You could get a picture clicked with all your team members and display it in a significantly visible place in the office. This may act as a reference point and have a faster effect.
  5. Give them cool Job Titles: You can even ask other employees to chip in with their ideas. A title of their liking will make them feel more important. Get these titles on name plates and keep them on their desks. It will also ensure that they remember their responsibilities.
  6. Passion Project: Allow them a few hours in a week where they can work on something they are passionate about. It could be a project of their liking or something they think will help the company. It gives them a feeling that their personal goals are also valued by you.
  7. Be more accessible: You may think you are a friendly boss but your employees may not be on the same page. Create an environment where they can walk up to your cabin anytime they want. Probably even if they are getting bored and do not feel like working – just for a casual chat.
  8. Arrange office outings: Once in a while, arrange for outings with your team. Maybe for movies, lunch or picnics. As the general office settings are missing, they tend to shed their inhibitions.
  9. Eat your lunch with them: If not everyday, then maybe once a week. If you are a very generous person, you can even think of ordering pizza for all of them! They need to know that your association is a mix of formal and informal. Show them that you care.
  10. Give them freedom to work in a way they like: People have different working habits. For e.g. If they like to listen to music or do something simultaneously while working, allow them to do so. Of course, you need to make it clear that it should not affect their performance.
  11. Fulfill their needs: Employees often feel apprehensive about asking for things that they require at the office. You can have a suggestion box where they can be anonymous about their needs. And then you can decide whether the requirement is reasonable and can be fulfilled or not.
  12. Applaud their personal achievements: Know your employees. Connect with them on a personal level as well (if they are comfortable). If you get to know about their personal achievements, celebrate it in the office. It will make them feel more connected.
  13. Give them exciting work: Mix up their responsibilities with both routine and exciting work. This will not only keep them on their toes but also be a refreshing change. Everyone loves to be challenged. Challenge your employees with something new.
  14. Company newsletter: Have your company newsletter; a monthly newsletter where you can ask them to contribute something from their field of expertise. It will not only become a storehouse of new knowledge, but also something they can be a part of and feel proud of.
  15. Communicate well: You may have a few expectations from your employees other than their targets. Build a system where you can share it with them and take their opinion. Do not let communication gaps slip in.

It is a two way process. Your desire to keep them motivated will stem from their performance and character. However, a little effort on your part may go a long way in producing great results!

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