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15 Tips for Planning Weddings Better

wedding planning tips floral board imageMarriages are said to have been made in heaven. But, arranging a good ceremony down here is one big task. It is the 'the most important party of life' for most people.

Yet, unless you are getting married in a court and rushing off to honeymoon right after, chances are you would end up running around till the end (and even after that).

Don't let that stress get to you! Following are 15 simple tips which could simplify your preparation a bit :

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15 Tips for Effective Mobile Websites

tips for making mobile websites imageMobile phones have become iconic devices with the proliferation of iphones, Android phones and Blackberries.

They have gathered a critical mass now and you should get a mobile web site designed as soon as possible. The competition for attention is still manageable now. It will become worse as the days pass by.

Here are 15 tips for a great mobile website:

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15 Tips To Beautifully Transform Your Skin

tips for healthier skinWho on earth would not like to get a beautiful & healthy skin? The quest for youth and beauty has been on for ages. Though one can't stop ageing, a little bit of timely care can definitely slow down the process.

Here we are to help fulfill your cherished wish of beautifully transforming your skin via 15 special tips:

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15 Tips About Selecting Good Sunglasses

Sunglasses signify style. Though basically these seek to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun yet their attribute of acting as an ultimate fashion accessory has made sunglasses particularly sought after nowadays. A whole range of sunglasses has been made available now. There are on offer the trendy designer sunglasses as also the high-performance shades set to endure any sport. You need to choose what best suits your purpose and adds to your style and grace. 


Here are 15 tips to help you select worthwhile sunglasses:


  1. Go for stylish sunglasses: The dark glasses chosen and donned by you can speak volumes about your personality and style. Hence, make a careful selection between sports sunglasses, bold sunglasses, elegant sunglasses and such other kinds of sunglasses offered as per your preferences of style.
  2. Choose sunglasses that complement your face: Look out for sunglasses with frames that complement the shape of your face. Remember, smaller sunglasses look better on smaller faces while larger sunglasses look appropriate on larger faces.
  3. Follow rule of thumb regarding choice of frame: There is a rule of thumb that says that the frame that is opposite in nature from the shape of your face is the one that is to be opted for. It would be a good idea to try out using a slightly larger frame. This will create an aura of glamour and mystery about you.
  4. Check out the material and construction: Verify the lens material and construction of the sunglass frame. After all, you need to ensure that the sunglasses purchased are befitting for the purpose for which they have been designed. While sports sunglasses ought to have a durable, lightweight construction the designer sunglasses should be especially taking care of the aspects of style.
  5. Learn up what special features are provided: Get to know the special features that the sunglasses on offer are providing you with. It is common to find sunglasses offering features associated with taking care of your eyes. Your eyesight is thus protected and you are permitted to see more clearly.
  6. Browse over the Internet: The Internet can be a wonderful place for you to browse and learn up about the features and specialties of the sunglasses while viewing them. So, shop around online prior to buying.
  7. Verify whether the dark glasses chosen are comfortable enough: The sunglasses of choice need be not only good-looking and functionally sound but also comfortable. You will certainly not wish to put on sunglasses that are painful to wear, will you?
  8. Ascertain degree of UV ray protection: Make sure your sunglasses offer you protection from the harmful UV rays as well as the HEVL (High Energy Visible Light) as discovered recently via the polarized lenses used. 
  9. Ask for a trial: Wear the sunglasses and look around. Make sure no color distortion, decreased contrast and lack of visual clarity is there.
  10. Know more about the sunglasses purchase made by you: Read carefully the purchase details in item listings. Take care to figure delivery costs into the final cost incurred.
  11. See to it that your expensive sunglasses are insured: In case your sunglasses purchase is an expensive affair then make sure that the seller insures the item when it is being shipped.
  12. Verify color of the lens: Choose from among brown, green and gray- regarded as the standard colors of the sunglasses’ lenses. These have been known to cause the least distortion to how you see colors. For fashion purposes blue and purple colored lenses may also be considered.
  13. Research about the concerned seller: You need to become aware of your seller and learn up about him/her. It is not advisable to proceed unless you feel positive and secure about the transaction.
  14. Make the purchase via the right website sources: There are many websites that help facilitate transactions between the buyer and the seller while offering extensive protection. You need carry out your sunglasses purchase venture via such sites.
  15. Double-check the must-have sunglasses’ features of the day: UV sunglass protection, lenses that is polarized, mirrored and scratch-resistant and offer high contrast.  

Take note of these suggestions and rest assured. We bet you will become successful in your sunglasses selection endeavor by following such tips. And you will come out with élan wearing the choicest sunglasses.