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15 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

tips-for-motivating-employees-imageMoney may be a great motivating factor. But research says and experience confirms that it is not the only one. In fact, after a point in time, it ceases to be the sole motivator for many people.

How do you then keep them motivated? You may have done everything in your ability to make them feel at home. But if they do not feel a sense of belonging, it would be very difficult to keep them motivated. The following are a few things you could try:

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15 Tips to Increase Footfall in a Retail Store

A retail store needs footfall If you are a retail store owner, you probably know this. Having a store and running it successfully are completely different.

There is no right way to do it. What works for some other retail store owner may not work for you.

However, there are a few things that you could do to increase footfall at your store(s). Following are 15 tips that might help you achieve this:

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15 Tips for Planning Weddings Better

wedding planning tips floral board imageMarriages are said to have been made in heaven. But, arranging a good ceremony down here is one big task. It is the 'the most important party of life' for most people.

Yet, unless you are getting married in a court and rushing off to honeymoon right after, chances are you would end up running around till the end (and even after that).

Don't let that stress get to you! Following are 15 simple tips which could simplify your preparation a bit :

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15 Tips for Effective Mobile Websites

tips for making mobile websites imageMobile phones have become iconic devices with the proliferation of iphones, Android phones and Blackberries.

They have gathered a critical mass now and you should get a mobile web site designed as soon as possible. The competition for attention is still manageable now. It will become worse as the days pass by.

Here are 15 tips for a great mobile website:

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Reduce Clutter With Wireless Printers

useful wireless printerFollowing in the steps of the keyboard, the mouse and the speakers, now, printers too have become wireless. You can conveniently switch over to such wireless printers.

Thus you can secure an easy way out for getting information stored on handheld computers printed. Get to learn up the advantages of making such switchover and how to judiciously proceed with carrying out the installation.

Check out these tips:

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15 Tips To Properly Design And Set Up Conservatories

A conservatory is a room with glass walls and roof; generally used as a greenroom / sunroom. It can be an innovative extension to your home. Setting up of a conservatory or a solarium is a great way to spruce up your home and surroundings. However, you need to make sure that it is set up rightly- following correct procedures so that it turns out as a worthy home improvement measure.

Here are 15 tips for you to properly set about designing and installing your conservatory:

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15 Tips To Beautifully Transform Your Skin

tips for healthier skinWho on earth would not like to get a beautiful & healthy skin? The quest for youth and beauty has been on for ages. Though one can't stop ageing, a little bit of timely care can definitely slow down the process.

Here we are to help fulfill your cherished wish of beautifully transforming your skin via 15 special tips:

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15 Tips To Secure And Manage Payday Loans

Are you a salaried person? Give this a thought- what will happen if you urgently require cash for some emergency and the next payday is quite a few days to go? If your savings are not supportive enough then you might be in a fix as to what to do in such situation.


However, with payday loans being made available you need not lose heart. You only need to know how to best secure the payday loans and manage them and overcome sudden cash needs while not burdening yourself.


Take note of these 15 tips about securing and managing the payday loans in a best manner:


1.      Get the loans from licensed lenders/companies: Always approach such persons/bodies making payday loans that are registered and regulated by the lending laws of state.

2.      Opt for the popular loans: Wisely opt for the particular payday loan programs that have a lot of satisfied takers.

3.      Shop around: In order to select good payday loans shop around. A number of players are there in the payday loan industry offering these special loans. Many of them have an online presence also. Searching on the Internet and browsing over the websites searched up will help you find out worthwhile lenders.

4.      Capitalize the competitive payday lending industry: There are so many concerns offering payday loans today. This makes the payday loan market a competitive one. As a customer you can advantageously get hold of better rates and fees.

5.      Compare and weigh deals: Compare and weigh the multiple deals available and finally choose the payday loan that will seem to be custom-made for you.

6.      Seek explanations and clarifications: Remember, the best loan deals will always be accompanied with explanations of all valid queries and clarifications to relevant doubts. Choose the loan deal from a concern that will suitably answer all queries coming to your mind.

7.      Check out how safe a payday loan is: People believe that the safest payday loans are also the best. Consider the interest rates and repayment terms of various payday loan packages in question. Determine whether the short-term cash you are taking as loan is worth more than the interest that is going to be paid out. If its worth is more then you can safely go ahead with it.

8.      Beware of high interest rates: Huge payday loan amounts offered at high interest rates can lead to placing you in great debts. Beware of such offers.

9.      Take advantage of no credit requirements: Since payday loans sanctioning does not require fulfillment of any credit requirements you can avail of payday loans without bothering about your credit position or credit records.

10.  Don’t worry even if you are not a salaried person: It is not only salaried persons who can avail of the useful payday loans. If you are a self-employed person then too you can get the benefits of acquiring the loans.

11.  Advantage of rolling over of loans if needed: With payday loans there is often also provided the option of rolling over of the loans to the next payday if needed, thus, further easing the headache of repayment.

12.  Apply only to a single lender: Do not apply to a number of lenders. Doing so place your application for loan at a risk to be rejected by all. Remember, every payday lender verifies the application made from a national database. So, if a particular lender to whom you have applied finds the pending application in your name made to other lenders also then they can reject your application.

13.  Apply for payday loans towards the beginning of the week: Make the applications for payday loans towards the beginning of the week and latest by Thursday. As most lenders do not work at weekends the applications submitted on Fridays will be carried over to the Monday of the following week. This will delay your obtaining of cash for meeting crucial needs. 

14.  Thoroughly read the payday loan agreement: Read over the various sections and details of the payday loan agreement thoroughly. You will learn and understand much this way. Remember, all valid queries that may be coming to your mind need be clarified prior to signing.

15.  Get over payday loan myths and misconceptions: You need to overcome the various myths and misconceptions that are associated with payday lending. The myths that payday lenders take undue advantage of people and that the payday loans are a last resort are not true. Similarly it is a misperception that payday loans are especially for sub prime customers and hence not worthy enough.


Payday loans provide you with a lot of benefits- no application fees, no credit check and no hassle of check bouncing. With payday loans coming in no more will botherations arise about wherefrom to secure cash for meeting emergency needs while obviating the risk of falling into some debt trap unawares.

15 Tips About Selecting Good Sunglasses

Sunglasses signify style. Though basically these seek to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun yet their attribute of acting as an ultimate fashion accessory has made sunglasses particularly sought after nowadays. A whole range of sunglasses has been made available now. There are on offer the trendy designer sunglasses as also the high-performance shades set to endure any sport. You need to choose what best suits your purpose and adds to your style and grace. 


Here are 15 tips to help you select worthwhile sunglasses:


  1. Go for stylish sunglasses: The dark glasses chosen and donned by you can speak volumes about your personality and style. Hence, make a careful selection between sports sunglasses, bold sunglasses, elegant sunglasses and such other kinds of sunglasses offered as per your preferences of style.
  2. Choose sunglasses that complement your face: Look out for sunglasses with frames that complement the shape of your face. Remember, smaller sunglasses look better on smaller faces while larger sunglasses look appropriate on larger faces.
  3. Follow rule of thumb regarding choice of frame: There is a rule of thumb that says that the frame that is opposite in nature from the shape of your face is the one that is to be opted for. It would be a good idea to try out using a slightly larger frame. This will create an aura of glamour and mystery about you.
  4. Check out the material and construction: Verify the lens material and construction of the sunglass frame. After all, you need to ensure that the sunglasses purchased are befitting for the purpose for which they have been designed. While sports sunglasses ought to have a durable, lightweight construction the designer sunglasses should be especially taking care of the aspects of style.
  5. Learn up what special features are provided: Get to know the special features that the sunglasses on offer are providing you with. It is common to find sunglasses offering features associated with taking care of your eyes. Your eyesight is thus protected and you are permitted to see more clearly.
  6. Browse over the Internet: The Internet can be a wonderful place for you to browse and learn up about the features and specialties of the sunglasses while viewing them. So, shop around online prior to buying.
  7. Verify whether the dark glasses chosen are comfortable enough: The sunglasses of choice need be not only good-looking and functionally sound but also comfortable. You will certainly not wish to put on sunglasses that are painful to wear, will you?
  8. Ascertain degree of UV ray protection: Make sure your sunglasses offer you protection from the harmful UV rays as well as the HEVL (High Energy Visible Light) as discovered recently via the polarized lenses used. 
  9. Ask for a trial: Wear the sunglasses and look around. Make sure no color distortion, decreased contrast and lack of visual clarity is there.
  10. Know more about the sunglasses purchase made by you: Read carefully the purchase details in item listings. Take care to figure delivery costs into the final cost incurred.
  11. See to it that your expensive sunglasses are insured: In case your sunglasses purchase is an expensive affair then make sure that the seller insures the item when it is being shipped.
  12. Verify color of the lens: Choose from among brown, green and gray- regarded as the standard colors of the sunglasses’ lenses. These have been known to cause the least distortion to how you see colors. For fashion purposes blue and purple colored lenses may also be considered.
  13. Research about the concerned seller: You need to become aware of your seller and learn up about him/her. It is not advisable to proceed unless you feel positive and secure about the transaction.
  14. Make the purchase via the right website sources: There are many websites that help facilitate transactions between the buyer and the seller while offering extensive protection. You need carry out your sunglasses purchase venture via such sites.
  15. Double-check the must-have sunglasses’ features of the day: UV sunglass protection, lenses that is polarized, mirrored and scratch-resistant and offer high contrast.  

Take note of these suggestions and rest assured. We bet you will become successful in your sunglasses selection endeavor by following such tips. And you will come out with élan wearing the choicest sunglasses.

15 tips on how to maintain your lawn better

Everyone likes to have a lawn just in front of their home. A well maintained lawn increases the beauty of your home many fold. However, a lot of people struggle to maintain their lawn properly due to lack of relevant knowledge or lack of time.

Following are some useful tips for maintaining a lawn investing small amount of time:

  1. Reel mower – For a small lawn a push reel mower should be selected which cuts the grass by a scissorlike action of rotating blades which passes against a stationary knief.
  2. Benefits of aeration – When the grass roots extend only upto half inchies inside the soil then it is expected to get benefited from aeration.
  3. Watering the lawn – The level of watering is hard to achieve in a single watering particularly for the soils where the rate of infiltration is very slow. So what is required is to water the lawn every three to four days, so that water enter the soil slowly.
  4. Moist roots – Keep the roots moist to prevent them from drying up.
  5. Mulching mowers – A mulching mowers cut clippings so small that they get mixed with the lawn and hence if you don't like clippings then you can go for a mulching mower.
  6. Bent grass – This grass provides a firm base to the lawn. They remain green for the entire winter months when the temperatures are low.
  7. Self-propelled lawn mowers – Better traction on hills and large areas is achieved with a rear wheel drive on a self-propelled lawn mowers.
  8. Mowing steep yards – It is better to mow a steep yard with a two cycle motor so that the engine always remains in a lubricated state. A regular gas motor may not always lubricate the engine specially when the quantity of oil becomes low.
  9. Cracks in the turf – If there is any small cracks in the turf then it should be filled with more soil.
  10. During the sunny days – This newly created area should be kept moist, especially during the sunny days.
  11. During winter – As winter freezing makes the lawm uneven so in the spring a water-filled roller can be used to level the uneven areas.
  12. Good insecticide – A good insectcide should have the capability to eliminate insects in every situations and not leave any harmful side effects on plants and flowers in the lawn.
  13. Lawn aeration – Lawn aeration is the necessary to remove small soil plugs from the lawn.
  14. For bermuda or bent grass – For a large lawn having bermuda or bent grass which need not be cut shorter than 2 inchies, a gas-powered reel mower can be chosen.
  15. Core aeration – Core aeration can benefit the lawn by increasing the water, oxygen and nutrient content of the lawn.

We have compiled these facts from experts in this field. We hope that these tips will help you to maintain your lawn better.

15 Tips – How To Lose Your Weight

Want to lose weight? Of course, you should. Why won't you have all the fun and be as agile as others are? Did you think it's tough to do so? These tips will change your feelings.

Due to our fast lifestyle and heavy work pressure, we get little time to focus on a major problem in today’s world which is obesity. One of the major problems faced by many individuals today, is weight gain.

We hardly have any exercise at all in the course of the day. We are not talking about having a perfect hour glass figure, what we want to focus on is about possessing a healthy and fit bode ensuring a disease free life. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled 15 important areas where one needs to focus on to keep a check on their weight gain.

Following tips have been short listed for keeping your body healthy and fit:

  1. Have plenty of water – Try to have at least 3 litres of water a day.
  2. Avoid alcohol and soft drinks – Stay away from alcoholic and sweetened bottle drinks.
  3. Fresh fruits – Fresh fruits are better than processed fruits and even from drinking fruit juice.
  4. Increase vegetable intake – The quantity of vegetables and fiber in the diet should be increased. Raw vegetables can also be taken after properly washing them.
  5. Strict diet timings – One should be very much strict about the timings of his diet.
  6. Avoid snacks – One should eat only when he feels hungry and avoid snacks in between meals.
  7. Reduce tea/coffee – Reduce intake of tea and coffee. If difficult, stick to black tea or coffee.
  8. Burn extra calories – Count the amount of calories taken in. Make sure to burn out any extra calories by the weekend.
  9. Outdoor games – Play some outdoor games.
  10. Variety of foods – Have a variety of foods from all food groups every day.
  11. Diet composition – The diet should contain 50-55% carbohydrates, 25-30% proteins and only 15-20% fats.
  12. Avoid crash diets – Crash diets and junk foods should be avoided.
  13. White meat is better than the red ones – Avoid intake of red meat because it has high fat and cholesterol content. Stick to white meat instead.
  14. Change from table butter to cholesterol free butter – Avoid taking table butter. Change over to cholesterol free butter instead.
  15. Regular cycling helps – Use a banister rail or a balustrade that will support you, sit on it and pump your legs as if you are riding a bicycle.

15 Tips For Studying Effectively

Almost all of us like studying. But the area where most of us are lacking is the style of studying. How effective the study will be depends upon our capabilities and the style we adopt. Here are given a number of tips which can help you in studying effectively.

  1. Figure out your best learning style – find out how your brain likes to receive information. Find out how do you view problem or new information: as a big picture(Holistic) or as a group of little parts(Analytic).
  2. Pay attention to outlines – If your teacher offers an outline at the beginning of a new term, always copy it down.
  3. Ask for examples – Your brain likes to make comparisons, so the more examples, the better.
  4. Use images – Use pictures and charts if they are offered. When reading a long passage or explanation, make your own charts and pictures.
  5. Draw timelines – This is a way of creating boundaries. Your brain likes them.
  6. Look at sample assignments – Your brain likes to use examples as a frame of reference. Without them, it's sometimes hard for you to know where to start.
  7. Make drawings of concepts – The more you can sketch out and characterize concepts, the better.
  8. Don't get frustrated by opinions – Some students may offer opinions in class, especially the holistic learners who want to make comparisons! It is just their way of understanding, so don't let it bother you.
  9. Sit in the front of the class to avoid distractions – If talkative students in the back of the class disturb you, try to sit where you won't notice them.
  10. Ask for specific goal – Analytic learners may feel the need to understand the specific goal before they can get into a project. Go ahead and ask for clear goals if you need them.
  11. Tape your classes – Taped copy of a lecture often helps you keep track of details you may otherwise not have had a chance to pen.
  12. Write a brief paragraph – If working on a tough concept , write a brief paragraph for yourself and think through it with a pen in hand.
  13. Don't limit yourself to writing only the specific information – Explore what questions you have, even writing down if you disagree with some part of the topic and why.
  14. Do group studies – Study with a partner or a friend. Discuss the issues that you see. Ask questions to each other within the group.
  15. Gather practical knowledge – Don't limit yourself to what you do in classes. SHtep outside and bring your studies to life through volunteer jobs.

Hope you will benefit and make your study more effective by following the above given tips.

Credit: The above tips are based on the information collected from

15 Tips for Helping You To Quit smoking

Smoking, as we all know is injurious to health.Then why build this habit? But even if you have done so don't worry we are there to help you out. Just follow the given tips and be sure that you can easily quit smoking.

  1. Believe in yourself – Build up a strong determination to quit smoking. Believe that you can quit.
  2. Ask yourself Why? – Write down your reasons for wanting to quit and keep the list with you for extra motivation.
  3. Get Doctors support – Talk to your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist about which quit-smoking medicines are right for you. Support and guidance from a physician increases your chance to quit.
  4. Ask for friends and family support – Tell your family, friends, and coworkers about your plans to quit. Ask them to be completely supportive.
  5. Search for alternatives – Have alternatives to smoking available, such as peppermints, carrot sticks, or cinnamon sticks.
  6. Set a quit date – Decide, and set a date when you will smoke your last cigarette.
  7. Exercise – Exercise relieves stress. Exercise is simply incompatible with smoking. Do some breathing exercises.
  8. Cut back on cigarettes gradually – If not abruptly then gradually decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke till it comes to zero. But in this case don't forget to set a quit date.
  9. Find another smoker – Find a person who also wishes to quit and help each other with positive words.
  10. Stay busy – Keep yourself busy so that you don't even get an oppertunity to think of cigarettes.
  11. Avoid situation that compel you to smoke – It is generally seen that stress situation trigger an urge to smoke among smokers. So try not to create such situation.
  12. Support programs – Search for some support programs near you.
  13. Put yourself in situation where you can't smoke – For example if there is someone in whose presence you can't smoke then try to spend your leisure time with him or her.
  14. Self-help materials – Get self-help materials to guide yourself through the quitting process.
  15. Visualize your way -to becoming a non-smoker.

Where there is a will there is a way.So believe in yourself and try our suggestions to get rid of this bad habit as soon as possible. Credit: The above tips are based on the information collected from and

15 Tips For Web Promotion Of Your Site

Building a website is just part of the story. You need to promote your site so that prospects will know about it and visit you to see what you have on offer. Here are 15 tips to get you started on a fast track –

  1. Link to your own site – Place link to your new web site in all your existing websites. A website without any incoming links to it will have a very low page ranking.
  2. Get a paid inclusion in one of the big search engines – It may take 4-6 weeks to get listed in Google and 1-2 weeks if you have good incoming links. However there are a few search engines that have inexpensive express inclusion programs. Join these programs in order to list your site quickly.
  3. Add your site to the Open Web Directory and the major search directories – Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to search engine directory submission. Find the category where your site fits, and make a submission. Inclusion in this directory usually takes time but it will help you a lot. Similarly submit your site to Google, Alta Vista and All The Web, these are the remaining giants where you can submit for free.
  4. Start a reciprocal links campaign – Once you have given yourself a link from your other sites or from your designer's page, you can go out and ask other complementary sites for links.
  5. Write an article about your product or service – Write an article about your product or service, or write an article related to the subject matter of your site. Submit the article online to various websites and e-mail lists dealing with your topic
  6. Promote Your Site Off(Self promotion) – Put the URL of your site on your stationary, on your cars , in your brochures, business cards, your newspaper and TV advertising, and circulars.
  7. Tell Your Friends and close ones – Often we are thinking about reaching the unknown millions of people out there surfing the Internet, but we are forgetting the hundreds of people who we already know. Look at your e-mail address book and get the word out, tell your business contacts, friends, relatives and tell them to tell their friends too.
  8. Make your pages search engine friendly – Oftentimes a site that may look good to your eye has some design flaws that impair its search engine friendliness. To get more traffic to your web site make it more search engine friendly.
  9. Provide a list of valuable resource links – The links you provide can also make your site an important source of information and a convenient place for people to visit and revisit.
  10. Get visitors to come back – Make your site worth visiting again by adding some interesting features, some special features.
  11. Keep refreshing your site – Keep your site up-to-date. Add information to your site on an ongoing basis.
  12. Make your visitors feel that they are important – Provide an e-mail feedback form.Respond to visitors e-mail and asks suggestions from the visitors.
  13. Ask the visitors to add a bookmark – Ask your visitors to bookmark the page they are visiting. People often wish to come back and visit again, only to find out that they have forgotten how to find you again. Remind them to bookmark your page, all it takes for them is a click of the mouse.
  14. Try providing some free services/products – Provide facilities for free download of softwares,books etc.
  15. Get an easy to remember Domain name – Domain name should be such that the Visitors can easily remember it.

Hope you will apply these web promotion tips to get lots of visitors to your web site and make good money from them. Credit: The above tips are based on the information collected from and

Tip Sheets For Various Subjects – The Begining


I read a lot of articles on the Internet. However I tend to pick up the maximum value from articles which provide small digestible chunks of information with specific things to do. Implement a few of these and you will see a definite improvement in your result.

That's why I set about collecting tip sheets from various experts on different subjects and will be presenting these for you – right here. Most of these can be read quickly and will contain specific advice. I will appreciate if you let me know how these articles benefited you in improving your marketing, web sites and even personal life. Thanks!