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15 Tips for Effective Mobile Websites

tips for making mobile websites imageMobile phones have become iconic devices with the proliferation of iphones, Android phones and Blackberries.

They have gathered a critical mass now and you should get a mobile web site designed as soon as possible. The competition for attention is still manageable now. It will become worse as the days pass by.

Here are 15 tips for a great mobile website:

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15 Tips To Properly Design And Set Up Conservatories

A conservatory is a room with glass walls and roof; generally used as a greenroom / sunroom. It can be an innovative extension to your home. Setting up of a conservatory or a solarium is a great way to spruce up your home and surroundings. However, you need to make sure that it is set up rightly- following correct procedures so that it turns out as a worthy home improvement measure.

Here are 15 tips for you to properly set about designing and installing your conservatory:

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15 tips on how to maintain your lawn better

Everyone likes to have a lawn just in front of their home. A well maintained lawn increases the beauty of your home many fold. However, a lot of people struggle to maintain their lawn properly due to lack of relevant knowledge or lack of time.

Following are some useful tips for maintaining a lawn investing small amount of time:

  1. Reel mower – For a small lawn a push reel mower should be selected which cuts the grass by a scissorlike action of rotating blades which passes against a stationary knief.
  2. Benefits of aeration – When the grass roots extend only upto half inchies inside the soil then it is expected to get benefited from aeration.
  3. Watering the lawn – The level of watering is hard to achieve in a single watering particularly for the soils where the rate of infiltration is very slow. So what is required is to water the lawn every three to four days, so that water enter the soil slowly.
  4. Moist roots – Keep the roots moist to prevent them from drying up.
  5. Mulching mowers – A mulching mowers cut clippings so small that they get mixed with the lawn and hence if you don't like clippings then you can go for a mulching mower.
  6. Bent grass – This grass provides a firm base to the lawn. They remain green for the entire winter months when the temperatures are low.
  7. Self-propelled lawn mowers – Better traction on hills and large areas is achieved with a rear wheel drive on a self-propelled lawn mowers.
  8. Mowing steep yards – It is better to mow a steep yard with a two cycle motor so that the engine always remains in a lubricated state. A regular gas motor may not always lubricate the engine specially when the quantity of oil becomes low.
  9. Cracks in the turf – If there is any small cracks in the turf then it should be filled with more soil.
  10. During the sunny days – This newly created area should be kept moist, especially during the sunny days.
  11. During winter – As winter freezing makes the lawm uneven so in the spring a water-filled roller can be used to level the uneven areas.
  12. Good insecticide – A good insectcide should have the capability to eliminate insects in every situations and not leave any harmful side effects on plants and flowers in the lawn.
  13. Lawn aeration – Lawn aeration is the necessary to remove small soil plugs from the lawn.
  14. For bermuda or bent grass – For a large lawn having bermuda or bent grass which need not be cut shorter than 2 inchies, a gas-powered reel mower can be chosen.
  15. Core aeration – Core aeration can benefit the lawn by increasing the water, oxygen and nutrient content of the lawn.

We have compiled these facts from experts in this field. We hope that these tips will help you to maintain your lawn better.