15 Tips For Web Promotion Of Your Site

Building a website is just part of the story. You need to promote your site so that prospects will know about it and visit you to see what you have on offer. Here are 15 tips to get you started on a fast track –

  1. Link to your own site – Place link to your new web site in all your existing websites. A website without any incoming links to it will have a very low page ranking.
  2. Get a paid inclusion in one of the big search engines – It may take 4-6 weeks to get listed in Google and 1-2 weeks if you have good incoming links. However there are a few search engines that have inexpensive express inclusion programs. Join these programs in order to list your site quickly.
  3. Add your site to the Open Web Directory and the major search directories – Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to search engine directory submission. Find the category where your site fits, and make a submission. Inclusion in this directory usually takes time but it will help you a lot. Similarly submit your site to Google, Alta Vista and All The Web, these are the remaining giants where you can submit for free.
  4. Start a reciprocal links campaign – Once you have given yourself a link from your other sites or from your designer's page, you can go out and ask other complementary sites for links.
  5. Write an article about your product or service – Write an article about your product or service, or write an article related to the subject matter of your site. Submit the article online to various websites and e-mail lists dealing with your topic
  6. Promote Your Site Off(Self promotion) – Put the URL of your site on your stationary, on your cars , in your brochures, business cards, your newspaper and TV advertising, and circulars.
  7. Tell Your Friends and close ones – Often we are thinking about reaching the unknown millions of people out there surfing the Internet, but we are forgetting the hundreds of people who we already know. Look at your e-mail address book and get the word out, tell your business contacts, friends, relatives and tell them to tell their friends too.
  8. Make your pages search engine friendly – Oftentimes a site that may look good to your eye has some design flaws that impair its search engine friendliness. To get more traffic to your web site make it more search engine friendly.
  9. Provide a list of valuable resource links – The links you provide can also make your site an important source of information and a convenient place for people to visit and revisit.
  10. Get visitors to come back – Make your site worth visiting again by adding some interesting features, some special features.
  11. Keep refreshing your site – Keep your site up-to-date. Add information to your site on an ongoing basis.
  12. Make your visitors feel that they are important – Provide an e-mail feedback form.Respond to visitors e-mail and asks suggestions from the visitors.
  13. Ask the visitors to add a bookmark – Ask your visitors to bookmark the page they are visiting. People often wish to come back and visit again, only to find out that they have forgotten how to find you again. Remind them to bookmark your page, all it takes for them is a click of the mouse.
  14. Try providing some free services/products – Provide facilities for free download of softwares,books etc.
  15. Get an easy to remember Domain name – Domain name should be such that the Visitors can easily remember it.

Hope you will apply these web promotion tips to get lots of visitors to your web site and make good money from them. Credit: The above tips are based on the information collected from web-consulting.com and a1-optimization.com

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