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15 Tips For Managing Stress

Stress is the most common cause of illhealth in todays world.Everybody, nomatter he/she is a child or a grownup is badly affected by this problem.Here we are presenting few tips which will help in lowering the stress.

  1. Get organized – Make a daily,weekly or monthly schedule.
  2. Leisure time – At times do something that you enjoy that is not related to your profession or work.
  3. Stop procrastinating – Prepare ahead of time and try not to keep any work pending.
  4. Say no – Sometimes others expect more from us. Don't be afraid to say no when your schedule is full.
  5. Take a break – If you are overwhelmed, step back and analyze the situation. Go get some fresh air, take a short walk, grab a healthy snack, etc.
  6. Learn to relax – You can try out the following: deep breathing, listening to soothing music, meditation, massage and visualization of positive experiences.
  7. Regular exercise – Exercise brings about positive physical and mental changes. As a way of draining off stress energy, nothing beats aerobic exercises.
  8. Eat fruits and vegetables – Stress has an adverse effect on your immune system. Fruits and vegetables are good source of vitamins for boosting the immune system.
  9. Sleep well – Get sufficient sleep at night. As mundane as it sounds, sleep is an important way of reducing stress.
  10. Have a sense of humor – A good laugh is always a great way to relieve any stress. Laughter can have healing qualities.
  11. Stop dwelling on the past – You cannot change your past so focus your attention on the goals at hand, not on missed opportunities.
  12. Decrease or discontinue caffeine – Avoid caffeine. It's a drug, a strong stimulant that actually generates a stress reaction in the body.
  13. Reframing – It is one of the powerful and creative stress reducer. This is a technique to change the way you look at things in order to feel better about them.
  14. Diversion and distraction – Take a time-out (anything from a short walk to a vacation) to get away from the things that are bothering you. This will not resolve the problem, but it gives you a break and a chance for your stress levels to decrease.
  15. Share your problems – There is an old saying that "a problem shared is a problem halved." People who keep things to themselves carry a considerable and unnecessary burden.

Just try out the above mentioned tips and I am sure these will benefit you a lot. Credit: The above tips are based on the information collected from mentalhealth.com and wellness.gatech.edu.